Looking for like minded clients & experts

We have founded this institution so we can work with like minded people around the globe. We eat are own dogfood. Our business architeture has been crafted using on our own framework.

We are purpose driven and have an audicious vision

As we naviagte in business, the North Star is our purpose, the Lighthouse we follow is our vision, our Map and Compass is our mission. The purpose is the reason we exist - beyond money. The vision is a shared picture of mission success, and the mission is the master plan for creating value for you.

Our purpose is to enable people to find meaning in the digital era.


Digital technology is all around. It's in our homes and at work. Yet, many people struggle to understand an embrace it. Many have a hard time getting the most out of digital technology. Many businesses also struggle to find value in digital technology and fail to get their digital transformation or digital products right. Many employees struggle to find satisfaction in working for such companies.

Our purpose is to show the world how to find meaning in this strange new world as customers, employees, leaders and investors of digital businesses.


Our vision is a world where businesses thrive because their leaders are ready for the challenges of the digital era.


The digital era is characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. In this world, businesses need a different mindset and different ways of working to be successful. Only human centered, customer value focused and change aware businesses will survive, where employees find a meaning in their work. To achieve this culture, leaders must have an understanding of digital technology and agility and must be ready to act. This is digital readiness.

Our vision is a world where business leaders understand that in the digital era, only meaningful work and agility leads to success.

Our mission is to create, promote and nurture an integrative evidence-based framework for digital readiness and to build an international community of experts to deliver the framework to companies worldwide.


Our masterplan for achieving our vision is to provide businesses the know-how for digital and agile success. When a business uses the right frameworks, applying the right mindset, their employees become super motivated and their products win customers' hearts. We teach the right mindset along with theories, disciplines, principles, methods and tools. We integrate all this into a framework that gives leaders an evidence based, integrative and holistic view of the digital/agile way of working. We also build an international network of experts – with matching core values – to deliver the framework to companies worldwide. We train, certify, and coach them so we can scale our business to the international market. This requires continuous research and updates to the framework around which the community is built. We also need to build a brand that conveys our purpose and vision to the world.

No compromise when it comes to values

Our core values are a set of principles or beliefs that our organization views as being of central importance and which is never to be given up. We work with people based on how well they match our core values, and we make no compromises.


We have a passion for digital

We stand in awe of technology and engineering. We believe in the use of digital technology for the betterment of mankind. We love to build digital products. We follow and admire the latest technologies. Where people see threat, we see potential. Where people find complexity and risk, we find excitement. We know digital transformation is inevitable and agile is the way to capitalize on the opportunity. We can prepare you and your company for the journey.


We have a passion for sharing

We have a passion for learning and sharing what we know. We constantly explore new ideas, look for thinkers who challenge the status quo. We read the latest international literature – the provocative the better. We train with the very best. Still, our greatest source of knowledge is experience from the trenches. We know, what we don't know and dare to ask. We cannot wait to prepare your team for the digital challenge.

Sherlock Holmes

We are fervant problem solvers

Just like Winston Wolfe in the movie Pulp Fiction, we solve problems. And while we will most certainly not get rid of dead bodies, we might come across a few skeletons in your closet. Like failed digital transformation, legacy software with crazy costs, crippling cultural issues or agile implementation gone away. We love to learn as we go. We are efficient under pressrue. We will get you a fix.


We are lean and agile by nature

We do only what matters and adapt to any changes rapidly. We don't just practice agility; we are living it. We are transparent inside out. We inspect and adapt, learn from mistakes. We believe in selforganizing teams, servant leadership and coaching style management. We firmly believe that agile is the only and natural way for your digital success. We embrace the agile values of commitment, courage, focus, openness, and respect. We have the experience and courage to challenge the status quo. We are drinking our own champagne, want to join?


We are entrepreneurs at heart

We are natural born entrepreneurs. Doing business is electrifying for us. Yes, we enjoy making money, but not as much as having an impact by creating value. We are never satisfied; we strive to grow. We work hard, except challenges with confidence, make decisive decisions and accept responsibility for our actions. We dare to take risks. We learn from our mistakes as well as our successes. We bring this entrepreneurial perspective to your business.

pirate ship

We rock the boat

Everybody feels it, we dare to say it: the way most companies work stinks. There is no time to waste, change needs to happen now. We reject tradition and dogma. We are bold, fast moving, sometimes even disruptive. We apply outside the box theories. We know that most companies do not have the time to change as they used to. Some might even be too late already. We are anxious to serv, and we dare to rock the boat for you.


We dream big

We have a can-do attitude and a growth mindset. We embrace a feedback culture. We are curious and enthusiastic. We dream big and we dream global. We aspire to make an impact. We are cosmopolitans and we believe we can change how people work globally. When they say we cannot, we say why not? We encourage you to dream big abut your business as well.


We accept no compromise

Do or do not, there is no try. We are entrepreneurs who reject mediocrity. We have a purpose, and we believe in excellence. We go the extra mile. We think long term. We never give up our values and beliefs for the sake of revenue. We are straight to the point; we don’t do bullshit. It is our unrelenting candor that allows us to live an ethical life. We tell you what you need to hear, not what is comfortable.


We are humanists

We see humans as central to making value. We also think science is the only way to get results. We are evidence based. We reject dubious practices. We are up to date on science of human behavior, motivation and organizational change. We are committed to human wellbeing and diversity. We practice critical thinking, thrive on constructive debate. Our approach is integrative and holistic. We know from science that change can only happen inside; no consultant can change an organization from the outside. So, we prepare you for the change.

We tend not to agree with the digital-agile transformation industry

The digital-agila transformation industry is growing and delivering more and more failed transformation programs. Digital-agile transformation is unavoidable and organizations must do it the right way and do it now. Our views on transformation are different and they work.

Drive your own change
We firmly believe that outsiders cannot and will not change your organization. Fancy transformation programs alone don’t work. Digitalization requires that the CEO becomes an agile champion, leader of change. The CEO might miss some of the big picture and thus lack the confidence to drive change. Our job is to connect the dots and transfer the necessary digital- agile know-how in a practical way.
Focus on the mindset
Agile is about mindset, not processes and tools. A mindset transformation is needed for agile to really work. When the strategic management of an organization is not compatible with the agile mindset, agility withers away. The CEO must practically become the agile coach of the organization and must acquire many digital skills to be able to collaborate with the digitally talented sta
Change the framework
No matter how much training you give your employees, no matter how many and how expensive transformation programs you run, if the underlying framework of work is not updated, they will not be able to tackle the challenges of the digital-agile world. Agility requires a completely different thinking from what we inhereted from the industrial age.. A new business architecture is required.
Use an integrative framework
Failed digital-agile transformations have given digital and particularly agile a bad name. Agility is not equal to copying Spotify or placing employees in Scrums. Agile is about empowering people, measuring what really matters, embracing change and collaborating with customers. The agile way requires the integration of many other frameworks, theories, disciplines, principles, methods and tools.
Speed up change
We’ve been hearing from organizational developers that change can only happen gradually. The pandemic has shown us that we can and do change when we have no other choice. Empirical evidence shows that the willpower and risk taking ability of the CEO is key. In the dilemma of evolution vs revolution, we stand on the side of framework driven agile revolution, with ample education. Digitalize or die.
Use a holistic approach
Another reason why digital-agile transformation programs frequently fail is because they are partial. Even if agility is practiced properly in an experimental team or a department, the rest of the untransformed organization inevitably works agains it. Instead of creating agile oases inside the desert of tradition and myths, apply a holistic framework to the entire organization.

Readiness Institute - preparation with a purpose

We prepare leaders and organizations for the digital challenge and empower them through knowledge. To achieve this we do training, consulting, coaching, organizational development, business architecture and IT advising. So are we consultants, trainers, coaches or organizational developers? We see ourselves as all and none of the above. So we were looking for a name that describes what we do and how we do it.

Read·i·ness /ˈrɛdɪnəs/ noun
: the state of being fully prepared for something.
: willingness to act.
In·sti·tute /ˈɪnstɪtjuːt/ noun
: an organization having a particular purpose, especially one that is involved with science, education, or a specific profession.

Different from what you learn in most business schools

Digital and agile go hand in hand. Agile transformation is inescapable for successful digital transformation.
A decade of first-hand experience has formed our views about change, digitalization and agility to be quite different from what is taught in most schools or even MBA programs.

The first version of the Digital Readiness Framework was a roadmap diagram and a presentation. I tried it and it worked. I immediately wanted to share this with the world, that’s why the second version has been written and released as a free business architetcure framework. I cross checked my experience and the latest of literature to write it. I hope it will help many leaders and organizations get rid of century old toxic practices and habits so they can thrive in the digital era.
Digital Readiness Institute aims to be different from training, consulting and organizational development firms. Our products are delivered by independent experts, but all experts deliver according to the principles of the Digital Readiness Framework. While Tom brings startup culture, I add intrapreneurial experience to the mix. We both share the same core values, purpose and business ethics, which we expect from our experts as well. We are transparent and we eat our own dogfood.
Andrew Berczeli
Andrew Berczeli intrapreneur co-founder
Andrew Berczeli
Thomas Biro

Agility, values, passion and courage in our logo

Digitalization cannot happen without agile transformation, so the universal symbol of agile is central to our logo. The shield, the red color and all the words have a history and convey an important message.

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