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Meet the people behind our products and services. Meet agile specialists, IT extperts, coaches, business architects, trainers, facilitators and more. Our community of experts share the mission of preparing you to apply the Digital Readiness Framework to your organization.

Independent experts without the risk

Our community is made up of independent experts that each have a proven track record. Hiring independent experts directly may be risky because of the lack of quality conrol. We hire independent experts on demand from a pre-qualified pool, and provide quality management and alignment. This way you can work with the best expert for each given job and you don’t have to pay for their idle time. A board of core experts led by Thomas Biro, author of Digital Readiness Framework makes sure work is aligned to the framework and qualiy is high.

Experts with strong culture fit and experience from the trenches

We work with people based on how well they match our core values, and we make no compromise. Experience from the trenches is also a basic requirement to joining our community. We look for skill and ability, nothing else matters.

Andrea Zsapka

Andrea Zsapka
Dancing Economist Brand Roadmap
Strategist and Creative Leadership Coach

“I love challenges. I believe it is vital today to be resourceful and visible. I work and live for my passion, to help people to create their own brand identity and to inspire them to become creative leaders. I do what I love the most. I am an advocate of self-empowerment.”

Andrea is an experienced Entrepreneur, Team Leader, Lean Subject Matter Expert and Trainer, Master Life coach, Art therapist Life Coach and Dance trainer.

Her diverse background inspired her to create a methodology to increase Individual and Team Efficiency, Adaptation, Transformation, Resourcefulness and Brand advocacy within corporate departments. The unique process Andrea developed triggers mindset change through a combination of cognitive and physical exercises.

It is a fresh, interesting and fun way to connect, see different perspectives, enhance problem-solving skills, adaptability, innovative, creative mindset and resilience. At the same time, the method is simple, digestible and has a stress release effect.

Andrea’s motto is: Dare to dance your way!

Entrepreneur Team Leader Lean Subject Matter Expert & Trainer Master Life Coach Art therapist Life Coach Dance trainer APICS Basic Supply chain management Cegos High-Level communication ISO/FDIS 9001:2015 QMS Internal auditor Project Management Basics Lean Problem Solving Lean Leader

Thomas Biro startupper co-founder & CEO

Thomas Biro
IT Architect / Business Architect / Agile Expert
Author of Digital Readiness Framework

“I love building things. I started with machines and software, now its companies I build. I want to make people’s lives better by building better workplaces. My IT, agile and entrepreneurial experience predestined me to build digital-agile organizations.”

Tom is fascinated by how things work and how to design them, so they become better. After architecting machines and digital products, his fascination shifted to teams and organizations, to Business Architecture.

Graduated from Nottingham Trent University. He founded two companies, Sense/Net and Barion. Tom learned Scrum from Ken Schwaber, co-creator of Scrum and Lyssa Adkins, author of renowned coaching book Coaching Agile Teams. He trained over 2000 people at various organizations. His diverse background inspired Tom to create Digital Readiness Framework.

He likes to work with executives and challenge his clients to create strategic alignment in their organizations along with the underlying agile and IT framework.

Tom’s motto is: If you can’t do it right, don’t do it.

Budapest Hungary CETDigital Readiness Framework Strategic Alignment OKR QBR Big Room Planning Agile Scrum Agile Coach Human Motivation Purpose Vision Mission Core Values VPC BMC Brand Architecture Agile Execution Pyramid Digital Enterprise Architecture Fintech Risk Driven Security Digitalization Microservices Architecture Lean StartupMythbusting

Attila Foris

Attila Foris
Strategic Consultant

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” Albert Einstein.

I love solving problems and believe that we can solve any problem in an organization with simple ‘’no-brainer’’ decisions. I also hate to talk about myself, so here's six quick things about me and my work.

I have solved multiple problems of different sizes for numerous companies. The real magic is in the process, which is why I always focus on how to solve complex problems to be: easy to understand, easy to implement, cost-effective, and the upside ALWAYS be more significant than the downside.

I always wanted to build things. I’m obsessed with numbers, ideas, structures, processes, and culture.

I always do what I say and always say what I do!

I respect everyone’s time; I clarify the basics and communicate short and to the point.

This is how I sum up my job. I help companies find and solve bottleneck problems.

I don't like to advertise this fact, but I'd do this job for free. It's my passion.

Stretegic Consultancy Go-to-market Diagnosys Transparency SWOT Core Values OKR Measurement Exit Strategy Vision Innovation Purpose SaaS PaaS E-commerce

Andrew Berczeli intrapreneur co-founder

Andrew Berczeli
Venture Builder / Intrapreneur
Financial and Technology Professional

Andras started his professional career in the banking industry, working at more than 8 banks in 9 countries, responsible for digital channels, savings and investments and online sales. During his period at OTP Bank, he joined the freshly founded eBIZ initiative and built a cloud-based SME banking fintech solution in just 6 months with a great team.

In 2019 he co-founded Sprintform, a digital consulting and software development company focusing on the financial services, fintech, insurance/insurtech, telecommunications and technology industries.

He has a solid expertise in intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship and was responsible for business development, finances, strategy and HR in the past years at several organizations. As an entrepreneur, he thinks that organizational development should be a core skill as a manager as organizational change can only be initiated from the inside. Gained practical experience with agile way of working while building prototypes but next to that he was educated by David Hicks (Agile Alliance, Founder) and Jeff Sutherland (Scrum Guide co-author) senior coaches.

He received his MSc in Finance from Corvinus University of Budapest. As a university student he founded InCube, an inter-university student association focusing on entrepreneurship. He was listed as a Forbes 30/30 talent in 2017.

Fintech Insuretech Intrapreneurship Banking Financial Services IT Agile Scrum Corporate Startup Ventures Digital Products MSC E-banking Digital Readiness Institute Strategic Alignment OKR QBR Digitalization Agile Transformation

Csaba Eisenbacher

Csaba Eisenbacher
Global Transformation Manager
SAFe Program Consultant (SPC)

Straightforward, honest, positive person. Flexible and efficient at work.
Strategy first.
Strategy without culture is powerless.
Living for challenges and problem solving.
Constantly questioning the status quo and pushing for relentless improvement.
Good communicator and presenter with intercultural experience and high amount of empathy.
Strong in mediating, integrating individuals into teams.
Weak at respecting obsolete rules, traditions, ineffective leaders and colleagues.

Csaba’s motto is: Trust and transparency!

Lean Agile Scrum Scrum Master Product Owner SAFe Scaled Agile Enterprise Agile Business Agility SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) Product Management Kanban Planning Strategy Coaching Training

Led by digital entrepreneurs with strong IT skills

We believe the best way to learn about digitalization is to build digital companies. Our founders, Andrew and Tom have built successful companies as startuppers and intrapreneurs.

We believe the best way to learn about digitalization is to build digital companies. Our founders, Andrew and Tom have built successful companies as entrepreneurs, startuppers and intrapreneurs.

Tom is an integrated engineer. He wrote code, architected scalable IT systems, designed hardware, analyzed requirements, sold IT solutions, worked in the highly regulated fintech business, completed ISO 9001 certification for an agile company, acquired a company, spun-off company, was head of IT, was head of marketing, was head of security, built brands, developed a packaged software product with agile teams, lobbied for changing fintech regulations, pitched to VCs and did land million EUR investments

Andrew is an economist who majored in finance. He wrote code, started a 3d printing business during university, founded an entrepreneurship-focused student organization, worked as a business analyst, led digital channel development in a bank, did online sales, managed pioneer mobile banking solutions. He was head of finance and strategy at a corporate spin-off company, building a cloud- based SMB banking solution. Built an agile app in 6 months, advised mergers and acquisitions, did valuation of startups and banks. He founded and is directing his IT consulting and development company of fifteen.

To help an organization in digitalization, one must have done at least some of the above. How can you train programmers if you have not experienced the thrill and pain of creating code? How can you advise executives if you haven't owned a digital company? How can you talk about sales OKRs if you have never sold anything? How can you understand IT, if you weren't involved in technology related projects?

Our founders digitalized entire companies, led and participated in big-bang agile transformations, wrote agile contracts, did agile before it was cool, trained more than 2000 people to agile, advised CEOs of billion EUR companies on strategy, agility, OKRs and many more.

Thomas Biro
Andrew Berczeli intrapreneur co-founder

Work with our experts on your digital readiness

We prefer teaching by doing. We facilitate events, hold workshops, deliver custom programs or coach clients. Our experts follow the Digital Readiness Framework and augment it with their own skills and experience.

Join us to bring Digital Readiness Framework to the world

Before you join our community, we make sure you embrace our core values, purpose, vision and mission. Then we examine how you can contribute to the success of our mission. If there's a win-win, we sign you up.

Before you join our community, we make sure you embrace our core values, purpose, vision and mission. Then we examine how can you contribute to the success of our mission. If there's a win-win situation and a match, we sign a contract.

When you join our community, we provide free training on the Digital Readiness Framework. You will also be listed on our website as a member of our expert community.

We believe in transparent and fair business. Members of the community offer products and services that we list on our website. We pitch projects to customers, choosing products and services from the offerings of the community. On each successful sale we make a fair commission. When a community member brings a client to us, or plays a key role in making a sale, we share the commission we make on all services related to that customer. We cooperate with each member to negotiate a win-win scenario for each sale. We expect you to be flexible on pricing. With our transparent mindset, we are sharing all business details with our network.

This is not an employment opportunity. We work with independent contractors on a project basis. When we don't work together, you are free to do any kind of work, including employment or freelancing, you are free to sell your products and services independently without paying us a commission. You are also free to leave the community any time.

Should you contribute to the Digital Readiness Framework, you shall be bound by the terms of the Creative Commons license and will receive attribution in proportion to your contribution. Since the framework is a Free Culture work, we do not offer remuneration for contributions.

Our community is purpose and value driven

Our core values are a set of principles or beliefs that our organization views as being of central importance and which is never to be given up. We work with people based on how well they match our core values, and we make no compromises.

Our purpose is to enable people to find meaning in the digital era.
Our vision is a world where businesses thrive because their leaders are ready for the challenges of the digital era.
Our mission is to create, promote and nurture an integrative evidence-based framework for digital readiness and to build an international community of experts to deliver the framework to companies worldwide.
We have a passion for digital
We have a passion for sharing
We are fervant problem solvers
We are lean and agile by nature
We are entrepreneurs at heart
We rock the boat
We dream big
We accept no compromise
We are humanists

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