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Our digital product or solution delivery is fast and efficient?

Our employees are motivated, enthusiastic and enjoy going to work.

Our digital products or solutions are great, users love them.

Our purpose and vision are widely known and frequently mentioned in meetings.

Employees are aware of the organizations strategy and frequently refer to it when making decisions.

Our shareholders are satisfied with financial results.

Employee turnover rate is low in our organization.

Our IT projects are successful, on time, on budget and have the right features.

Decision making is fast in our organization.

Our organization has core values defined and we only hire people who share these core values.

Agile or Scrum is almost a swear word in our organization.

It is very easy to change our internal processes when required for the benefit of customers and our business.

Our IT or digital projects have months of planning before they actually begin.

We have agile or Scrum teams and the perform exceptionally well.

All employees are familiar with the brand values and messages and believe the company lives up to the promises made in ads (or sales proposal).

Our executives monitor no more than 20 KPI-s regularly.

We use OKRs for managing strategy and evaluate Key Results quarterly, so we can learn from the past and apply new insights to the next quarter.

Our existing IT systems are up-to-date and fairly easy to work with when integrating a new IT solution.

Our executives and managers believe that people can work better when they do not have a boss.

We had a failed experiment with Agile/Scrum or OKRs in the past.

We frequently use tools like gemba walks, design sprints or lean validation.

Our IT security system and team are easy to work with and help digital projects.

Processes that span multiple departments are efficient and communication between departments is frictionless.

Business people and IT experts work together efficiently and happily.

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